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DaveHi, my name is Dave and I am the founder of bestwayssavemoney.com.  Saving money and stretching a dollar has become a passion of mine.  The term “More For Less” means just that… if you follow the money saving principles on this site you can have “More” of the finer things in life because you learn how to spend “Less” money on your needs and wants.  Too often when the people cut back they just try to financially “survive.”  If we are smart with our money we won’t just “Survive” but we will “Thrive.”  Being financially responsible means that we can have a nicer house, travel more, drive quality vehicles, and have nice clothes (and more of them); we just have to be disciplined along the way. 


Each page in this website has a comments section for you share your own tips and brag about the deals you have found. 


More About Me:  I am married with two children.  I am currently serving in the Army and have been for over 10 years.  I have traveled to 25 different countries and hope to visit many more in the future.  My hobbies include riding my motorcycle and jet skis, anything outdoors, and spending time with my family.  


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