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Ammo Deals
Ammo Deals

4 Ways to Get Cheap Ammo


Remember the days when you could buy $2.39/box 7.62×39 ammo or swing by Walmart on your way to the range with confidence that they will have your caliber in stock?  Well those days are gone but that doesn’t mean that you have to give up, or even cut back on your time at the range.


Here are some tips that I use to get the best deals on ammunition. 


1.  Use Ammo Finder Apps


There are a number of apps to help you find the best online deals. 


Ammo Finder (1.99)


Ammo Buddy (0.99)


Ammo Bot (Free)


Apps like these are very helpful by providing near real-time information and send push notifications.  The downside to these apps is that there are so many users receiving the same notifications.  Unless you are quick you will lose out on the deals.   


If you want to go this route then I suggest that you follow these steps so you are ready to place your order on a moments notice:


- Pre-register for an account with the site and remember your login information.

- Pre-register your credit card, billing, and shipping information (only if this is a trusted site and you are comfortable with this).

- Ensure you know how much funds are available on your bank/credit card.

- Know site and state requirements to buy ammo online.  Have a copy of your ID preloaded with the site or on your computer/phone so you can send it with the order.  Some states also require a firearm ownership identification card so have these ready to go as well. 



2.  Ammo Search Engines and Websites:


Here is a list of websites that sell ammo.  Some of them are search engines that allow you to scan through multiple websites for the best deals.  I have not used all of these sites so if you have had good or bad experiences with any of them please let us know in the comments section.



3.  Gun Shows:


Getting good deals at gun shows is hit or miss.  I have found some amazing deals but I have also had a good laugh about the price they are trying to charge.  Here are some tips that I have used to get some good deals.


Use an App:  Download an App like Ammo Cost (free) to quickly calculate price per bullet prices.  There are a lot of vendors in a tight space and this app allows you to calculate the best cost-per-bullet.

- Don’t Rush to Buy:  Before I buy anything I walk to entire floor to see who has the best prices for the caliber that I am looking for.  I then start with the sellers with the best prices and negotiate from there.

- Use Cash:  When negotiating, stress that you can pay cash, most sellers will rather receive cash than pay credit card commissions so you can leverage this to your advantage.  This technique can easily knock off 10% or more from the selling price.

- Factor in Taxes:  When negotiating offer an “out the door” price so that the seller has to cover sales taxes. 

- Timing:  I have found that the best deals at a gun show are either early on the opening day or at the end of the last day.  Some sellers under-price their ammunition and are quickly sold out.  Other sellers are more willing to drop prices within the last 2 hours of the closing day to sell off inventory. 



4.  Reloading


Reloading your own ammo requires a large upfront investment but if you shoot a lot it can pay off in the long run.  The supplies that you will need are a press, dies, case tumbler, case trimmer, powder measure, calipers, and other case preparation supplies.  These are all things that you need in addition to the casings, bullets, primers, and powder. 


I’m not a hard core reloader so I haven’t saved a ton doing this but it is still a fun hobby.  Just don’t be one of those people on the range who poaches other people’s brass while they are still hot.  If you’re considering getting started reloading I suggest you start with something like a Lee Single Stage Kit to see if its right for you. 


These are my tricks to save money on ammunition.  Please share your own tips and websites in the comments below. 

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