Save Money on Clothes

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Save Money ClothesYou can be one of the best dressed people around without spending a lot of money.  Follow these money saving tips on clothes shopping to improve your wardrobe without draining your savings account.  




15 Clothes Saving Tips

1.  Try It On At The Store; Then Buy Online.  When clothes shopping, go ahead and try on clothing to make sure you get exactly what you want at the right fit.  Then instead of going to the register, go home and find it online.  There are many online discount stores where you can find amazing deals.  Better yet, if you have a smart phone you can find online deals right there in the store.  Just make sure you factor in shipping costs before you make the purchase.


2.  Buy Clothes in the Off Season.  I have saved a lot of money by planning a season in advance. Stores want to clear their shelves to make room for new inventory.  I buy all my winter clothing in the spring time and all my summer clothing in the fall.  Don’t wait too long in the off season because the stores want that shelf space for the upcoming season, not the past one.  Wait until the store marks the clothing down at least 2 times before making the purchase.


3.  Repair First.  Don’t just throw clothes away if they can be repaired.  If you cannot repair them yourself then maybe you have a friend that can.  If you have this skill set then get the word out and people will be willing to give you their clothes instead of throwing them away.


4.  Choose Discount Stores.  Discount stores like Ross, TJ Maxx, and Burlington always have discounted name brand clothes so shop there first.  Combine shopping at these stores with tip #2 and you stand to save a lot of money on clothes.


5.  Thrift Stores and Yard Sales.  If you shop around at yard sales and thrift stores you will often find name brand clothing for just a few dollars.  If you are into novelty t-shirts or clothing this is also a great option. 


6.  Make a List and Stick to It.  The layout of these stores is designed to do one thing… take your money.  This goes for online stores as well.  You can go into a store with the intent of buying a purse but walkout with some jewelry, pants, or any number of other things.  Before you go into a store, make sure you have a list and commit to sticking to it.  Don’t become a victim of a company’s marketing strategy.


7.  Only Buy What You Can Wear Today.  Don’t buy something that doesn’t fit today, but will two months from now when you lose 10 lbs.  If you can’t wear it today then don’t buy it until you lose those 10 lbs… they’ll still be selling clothes after you lose the weight.


8.  Shop in the Perimeters.  Most major retailers have items with the biggest markup in the center of the store or along the aisles.  The discounts and good deals are usually found in the perimeter of the store along the walls or in areas of the store less frequented.


9.  Consider Clothing Swap.  You may be ready for a new wardrobe or bored with the clothes that you have.  Your friends may be feeling the same way so before you all go spend money consider swapping clothes, even if it is just temporary. 


10.  Keep Current Wardrobe in Mind.  Before you buy an article of clothing, be sure that it goes with at least three other pieces that you currently have.  There’s no sense buying something that doesn’t go with anything you have, which will force you to buy even more. 


11.  Go Straight to the Clearance Rack.  As you walk into the store, put your blinders on and head straight for the clearance rack first.  If you find what you are looking for then don’t bother visiting any other parts of the store.  Don’t buy the clothing after the first mark down, wait until they reduce the price two or three times before you make the purchase.


12.  Join Email Lists.  Retailers will often email deals and coupons to promote their products.  Don’t buy an item just because you have a coupon or it is on sale but that doesn’t mean they won’t promote something that you need.


13.  Be Wary of Sales.  Never buy something just because it is on sale.  Remember that the retailer isn’t trying to save you money, but to separate you from it.  Sometimes shopping for sales will result in you spending more money than if you bought it at full price.  The listed sale price may not really be a discount, or they will slightly lower the cost to get you into the store where they tempt you to buy more “sale” items. 


14.  Buy Quality.  When you buy cheap clothing you usually end up spending more in the long run on repairs or replacing it.  Look for deals on quality products that will last you a long time.  The goal is to look good without spending a lot of money.


15.  Have Different Sets of Clothes for Different Functions.  To extend the life of your clothes ensure that you have different clothes that you use for different functions.  This is particularly true with kids and people who like to do DIY projects.  Have dedicated play clothes for your kids where they can get dirty and play rough and dedicated clothes for school, church, and formal gatherings.  Also, have dedicated clothes that you wear when you paint, yard work, do chores, etc.



Please share your own strategies for saving money on clothes. 

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