What is Chrome Cast?

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Google Chromecast Review


This little device paid for itself three times over in the first month. For months my wife and I were trying to find a way to eliminate our over $100 a month DirecTV bill, but still be able to watch our favorite shows. One Saturday at Best Buy we came across the Google Chrome Cast for $35. We usually don’t impulse buy like that but we immediately saw the saving potential of this product.  Now I will answer “What is Chrome Cast” and help you see if its right for you. 

My Chrome Cast Review

What Chrome Cast is

Google Chrome Cast is a small device, slightly larger than a thumb drive, that plugs into the HDMI port of your TV. It is controlled by your smart phone, tablet, or computer to cast apps or other entertainment to your TV.  Now that we know what Chromecast is, let’s see if this is something you want to buy.  


Chrome Cast Apps

The chrome cast device works with numerous apps like Netflix, Hulu, Google Chrome, YouTube, Google play, Pandora, watch ESPN, and HBO go. There are many more apps that work with it, but these are the main ones.  If you use Google Chrome for your web browser you can cast any website to the TV. So anything you can watch on Google Chrome, you can also watching on your TV.


Google Chrome Cast Setup

Everything from set up, installation, app download, and streaming are all very simple and easy. The directions are easy enough for anybody to follow. 



1. Instant Savings. As I’ve already stated, this device paid for itself three times over the first month we bought it. Every month after that has been the full $100 or more that we were paying.

2. Cost. $35 is cheap considering how much you will save.

3. Simplicity. The setup was easy and only took a few minutes. Using it since then has been even easier.

4. Low-profile. The only cord is the USB cord the plugs in the back of the device. Most TVs have a USB port so this means that you won’t need a lot of cords running around in the back of your TV or entertainment system.

5. No Remote. You can control everything from your phone as long as the input on your TV is set to the chrome cast device. Your remote then becomes either your computer, tablet, or smart phone.

6. No More Fighting. Like most families there was always a battle of wills on whether we would watch the basketball game or if I needed to go find a place to hide while “The Real Housewives of Someplace” was on.  We haven’t had one of those quarrels since we bought the Google Chromecast.

7. No Upsales or Upgrades.  All you need to make the device work is included in the box or free for download.  You won’t need to upgrade or buy anything else.

8. Practical Joke Potential. My son hasn’t figured out that once you cast, you can override that show by casting from another device. So what I’ve been doing is casting random YouTube videos from upstairs when he’s watching TV. I know this is immature on my part but it is kind of funny to see a six-year-old try to figure out why his show keeps changing in the middle of it.



1. Need for Other Subscription Service. For most of the shows and movies that you want to watch you will need to subscribe to Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Prime. While this does cost money it is a fraction of what you pay for the typical cable or satellite bill.

2. Limited Live TV. There are ways to watch your shows live, however it is more complicated than with your typical cable service.

3. Reliance on Internet Connection. You need both an Internet connection and a wireless router to use the chrome cast. If you don’t have these two things than this device is useless to for you. If you don’t have a wireless router then this would be a good time to invest in one because your savings will more than pay for it.

4. Reliance on Google Chrome. If there is a way to use chrome cast with other browsers like Firefox  or Internet explorer, I haven’t figured out how.  


Where to Buy Chrome Cast

You can buy Chromecast from just about any online or brick-and-mortar retailer that sells electronic products.  I wouldn’t spend a lot of time shopping around since most retailers sell it for the standard $35 (factor in shipping) unless you want to try to find a used one. Click on one of the retailers below to go directly to their product page. 


Best Buy



Final Thoughts

We haven’t had one second of buyer’s remorse since we bought the Google Chrome Cast.  You will find a lot of other people with similar experiences by reading other Chrome Cast reviews all over the web.  If you are looking for a quick and easy way to cut your cable/satellite bill then this device is well worth the $35 cost.

Click on the Chromecast image to go to the Amazon page or one of these retailers to go directly to their Google Chrome Cast listing. 

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